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UX masterclass conference

Since 2010 our UXalliance partners have hosted 20 UX Masterclasses in partner countries around the world. UXAlliance members come together with local and international experts to share their knowledge and experience on topics they are passionate about, and meet local user research communities. Each year the them reflects pressing local and global issues in user experience research and design.


upcoming masterclass

dubai (uae) 2024

The 21st UX Masterclass will be hosted by UXalliance  partners Digital of Things in Dubai (UAE) on the 24th of October. The conference theme: “Shaping Tomorrow’s Experiences: UX in the Era of Evolving Customers”, will focus on how the customer is changing - their needs and behaviors have all been reshaped due to COVID, AI, new startups.

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highlights ZARAGOZA 2023

We are changemakers: How leaders can design change in a complex world

The theme for the 2023 20th edition UX Masterclass was a fabulous way to demonstrate the value that design and UX research can bring change in a complex world. Attended by 130+ in - person audience in Zaragoza, Spain.

The conference highlighted how a strategic vision can drive business transformation and how UX leaders can be agents of social change. Learning the importance of global collaboration and why adaptability and continuous learning are not just skills but survival traits. This impactful conference equipped audiences with the insights needed to be a UX change-maker.

UX Masterclass Workshop Reimagining the Future of Work: Exploring #change through Speculative Design

In this workshop hosted by Annemieke van Ruiten, Elia Poli and Anna Lazzati. They focused on 3 key objectives 1) Explore future scenarios in the world of employment and the implications on society and environment. 2) Experiment with Defamiliarization, a speculative design methodology: observing objects from a new perspective to imagine a distant future. 3) Imagining a desirable work contract that will be signed by the employees and companies of the future.

conference speaker highlights
topic: How leaders can better grasp future generations: a ux research perspective.‍

Ayumu Takeuchi and Honoka Sumida from Mitsue-Links

1) Understanding new generations is important to change this complex world.
2) When understanding them, leaders tend to engage in something called ‘mould-cutting’; replacing unknown or new values with ones that are similar to their own. It could disregard the differences between these two concepts.
3) Observing new generations as they are through UX research is effective to prevent this ‘mould-cutting’.

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