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UX masterclass conference

Since 2010 our UXAlliance partners have hosted 19 UXMasterclasses in partner countries around the world. UXAlliance members come together with local and international experts to share their knowledge and experience on topics they are passionate about, and meet local user research communities. Each year the them reflects pressing local and global issues in user experience research and design.


upcoming masterclass


The 20th UXMasterclass will be hosted by the Spanish UXalliance partner TorresBurriel Estudio in Zaragoza, on the 28th of September. The conference theme, We are Change Makers, explores how a people centered approach can help transform your company and respond to the fast-changing market.

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highlights paris 2022

Transform your organization through good design

The theme for the 2022 19th edition UX Masterclass was a fabulous way to demonstrate the value that design and research can bring to organizations.We had more than 800 live online attendees and some happy few who could join from our design lab in Paris…

Today, most large organizations are convinced that a good design mindset is a true competitive advantage when it comes to innovation. But implementing a design approach in a company requires more than just recruiting “good” designers” and when the design is fueling all the levels of the organization,it becomes a transformation factor that facilitates a response to a fast changing-market.

Define your strategy with the "Experiential" Singularity matrix

Céline Lemaire and Domitille Aulagnier-Collin discussed how to define a strategy using the "experiential singularity" matrix. This matrix is really more than a tool, it is a valuable compass to move an organization forward in a fast-changing environment and increase your customer satisfaction.
In their speech they shared tips on how to use the experiential singularity matrix, illustrated by a case study on how Jules implemented this matrix and saw an increase in NPS and revenue per customer.

Define your strategy with the "Experiential" Singularity matrix

Wojtek Chojnacki and Florian Egger believe the biggest opportunity for increasing impact of design is not in new methods and tools, but in how organizations work and how design drives them. This is what design maturity and design leadership are about, and during the UXMasterclass they shared with us how to increase design maturity.The UX Design Maturity Score they told us about is calculated based on 89 variables.

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