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The UXalliance excellent services originate also in our unceasing commitment to research. The results of our collaborative work translate into publications often made available to the public.  If you are interested in collaborating with the UXalliance on future research studies, please feel free to contact us.


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Remote Testing in a Covid-19 world

Nothing new, but different than before… As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to force people to work from home, companies are embracing new ways of working remotely. Remote testing is underestimated by many researchers. In-person testing is essential for many studies (especially for explorative and contextual research). However, remote testing has many advantages too. This article outlines what remote testing can offer. That knowledge is important while Covid-19 is pervasive, but also afterwards, striking a better balance between in-person and remote research methods. Wouldn’t that be an unexpected positive effect of Covid-19?

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Conducting remote online focus groups in times of COVID-19

COVID-19 is currently affecting the execution of regular focus groups, as we need to ensure social distancing. We recommend running focus groups remotely, with all the participants in the video call and the moderator leading the discussion. Remote focus groups can be tricky, but the challenges can quickly be overcome if you are prepared to adjust a few things and the results can be comparable to as in-person groups.

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COVID-19 – Keep calm and Carry on Researching

When companies introduced a travel ban in the past week and social distancing became a norm, alarm bells started across the research community. Personal interaction and communication is the heart of what we do.  What happens when you can’t travel and meet users?


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Global Retail Benchmark: Around the world in 36 apps

36 apps, 18 countries, 6 continents: The UXalliance retail benchmark shows how mobile is changing retail customer experiences, and reveals the global trends shaping the future of retail

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Online dating apps: A game of Likes and Love

The explosion in wireless connectivity combined with the declining costs of technology such as smartphones has provided millions of people with access to online services. Many services that previously catered to niche audiences, now find their user bases exploding. Online dating- dating apps, to be more precise is one such service that has seen benefited from this trend.

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MyAccounts: the future of customer experiences

User Intelligence and 13 other partners of the UXalliance conducted an independent and global study on best practices for MyAccounts, the log-in protected environment that allows organisations to offer personal content to their customers.

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Smart blood pressure monitors: an international user experience evaluation

UXalliance experts from 17 countries all over the world have reviewed blood pressure monitors connected to mobile applications, assessing the customer’s satisfaction from purchase journey, through out-of-box experience, to daily use.

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UXa International eBanking Benchmark Study

UXalliance members from 18 countries have carried out a survey on security and usability of bank sites accessible on the Web or on mobile devices. They analyzed 38 banking sites identifying the most successful practices around the world.

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Cultural differences in usability testing around the world

Our long experience in usability testing has given us precious insights on the world’s many different cultures. A good understanding of these differences will help you avoid pitfalls as well as achieve the best results when testing abroad.

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Around The World in 140 Characters

A research, conducted by about 40 user experience professionals from 17 countries around the world, has scrutinized the Twitter accounts of ten top global companies to verify if they were equal to the companies’ outstanding reputation.

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International user experience evaluation of smart blood pressure monitors – user journey maps
Around The World in 140 Characters: How Companies Manage Twitter in 17 Different Countries
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