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  • Czech Republic ExperienceU

    ExperienceU specialize in testing and designing comprehensive web portals, desktop and mobile applications in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. UXalliance associate since 2009.

  • Denmark SnitkerGroup

    Scandinavia’s market leader in user research, SnitkerGroup is based in Copenhagen Denmark, and is highly experienced in international user research and user focused innovation. Partner of the UXalliance since 2007.

  • Finland User Intelligence Finland

    User Intelligence Finland is a user experience consultancy that offers a wide range of user research methods that help you understand your customers and evaluate your products or prototypes. Partner of the UXalliance since 2009.

  • France Axance

    Axance is the co-founder of the UXalliance(since 2005)and is specialized in incorporating user-centered design principles into the product lifecycle.

  • Germany GfK SirValUse Consulting GmbH

    GfK SirValUse, based in Hamburg, Germany is the leading company for user research and usability testing in Europe. Founding member of the UXalliance in 2005.

  • Ireland iQ Content

    iQ Content is a leading user experience consultancy. Specialising in strategy, user research, design, analytics, content and development they create online experiences which are both lovable for users and profitable for business. UXalliance member since 2010.

  • Italy Assist S.p.A.

    Assist S.p.A provides professional services and technology to innovate, improve and manage sales processes and customer service with a memorable service experience. Offices in Milan, Rome and Naples. Associate members since 2011.

  • Poland Symetria

    Symetria is a Polish e-business agency which specializes in usability. UXalliance member since 2009.

  • Russia UIDesign Group

    UIDesign Group is a leading user experience consulting firm in Russia specializing in interaction design, user research and usability testing. Partner of the UXalliance since 2008.

  • Spain Xperience Consulting

    Xperience Consulting is the Spanish leader in User Experience management and monitor. Founding partners of the UXalliance in 2005.

  • Switzerland Telono

    Telono was created in 2005 and has established itself as a leading user experience consultancy in Switzerland, specializing in user-centered design, usability and web accessibility. Partner of the UXalliance since 2009.

  • The Netherlands User Intelligence Netherlands User Intelligence delivers interactive products that provide valuable and positive experiences to users, while supporting the business objectives of our clients. Partner of the UXalliance since 2006.
  • United Kingdom ExperienceLab Serco ExperienceLab (formerly Serco Usability Services) has 40 years experience of providing user experience research to global clients. Founding partner of the UXalliance in 2005.

Asia & Oceania

  • Australia Optimal Experience

    Optimal Experience is an expert in analysing, designing and evaluating the interactions between people, systems and organisations. UXalliance associate since 2009.

  • China UserExperience The leader in usability testing in China, User Experience provides clients with the tools to ensure a successful testing experience and seamless integration if part of a global testing plan. Partner of the UXalliance since 2007.
  • India PeepalDesign
  • Japan Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.

    Mitsue-Links is one of Japan's top information integrators, providing unique services centered on digital content. UXalliance member since 2007.

  • New Zealand Optimal Experience New Zealand

    Optimal Experience was founded in 2003 and is New Zealand’s largest usability consultancy.

  • S. Korea Think User Founded in 2001, ThinkUser is Korea‚Äôs foremost usability consultancy located in Seoul. Partner of the UXalliance since 2007.
  • Turkey UTRLAB

    UTRLAB User Testing and Research was founded in November 2008, as the first private, independent user research center in Turkey.


  • Brazil Mercedes Sanchez

    Mercedes Sanchez will help you create and design interfaces that work globally offering you our deep knowledge of Brazilian and Latin American culture. UXalliance member since 2007.

  • Canada Yu Centrik

    Founded in 2003, Yu Centrik is the largest independent firm in the field of User Experience in Canada. UXalliance partner since 2009.

  • Chile Ayer Viernes

    AyerViernes is a strategy and usability design company in Chile, created in 2000. Partner of the UXalliance since 2009.

  • United States GfK User Centric

    User Centric is a thought-leader in the field of user research, usability, and eye-tracking. Founding partner of the UXalliance in 2005.

Africa & the Middle East

  • South Africa Mantaray

    Mantaray is a usability consultancy with eleven years experience in the Internet and mobile industry. Our company focus on the creation of mobile and internet sites that meet the customers' needs whilst still answering the business objectives and requirements.

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The UX Alliance is the global leader in user experience and user research. Since our foundation in 2005, we have completed 250+ global projects and tested over 15,000 participants.

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