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April, 2018

Online dating apps: A game of Likes and Love

The explosion in wireless connectivity combined with the declining costs of technology such as smartphones has provided millions of people with access to online services. Many services that previously catered to niche audiences, now find their user bases exploding. Online dating, dating apps, to be more precise is one such service that has seen benefited from this trend.

Finding love has gotten easier..

The world of online dating apps has grown tremendously into a USD 3 billion industry by 2017. This is further substantiated by the fact that the usage of online dating services among young adults has tripled in the past 4 years.

But what about peace of mind?

There are, however, two sides to every tale, as of 2017, 21% men and 9% women, showed reluctance in using dating apps, primarily due to bad feedback from their peer’s about dating apps. Indeed it is common knowledge that online dating, has its downsides. Take for instance the aspect of privacy and security. Unsolicited texts/sexts, inappropriate comments, stalking; these are only few of the many problems users face due to the apparent lack of privacy that accompanies the concept of online dating.

Peace of mind by design

Suffice it to say, that the success of any dating app/site hinges on the sense of privacy and security that it creates in the mind of its users.

  • Simple security measures like mobile number verification can help avoid fake profiles.
  • Giving users the ability to control who can contact them, how frequently they want to be informed and in general giving them the option to be discrete/ avoid inviting unwanted attention is greatly appreciated.
  • Furthermore, a simple, clean & clutter free aesthetic is seen as trustworthy and dependable.

In conclusion, we would only like to say that online dating is neither a complete bed of roses, nor a thorny crown. In reality it isn’t something that can be looked at in black and white. Want the full picture? We can help. Just grab yourself a copy of our International UX benchmarking report on online dating apps.

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