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July, 2016

MyAccounts: the future of customer experiences

User Intelligence and 13 other partners of the UXalliance conducted an independent and global study on best practices for MyAccounts, the log-in protected environment that allows organisations to offer personal content to their customers.

MyAccounts exist because the log-in protected environment allows organisations to offer personal content to their customers. And this brings value to both customers (e.g. more relevance) and organisations (e.g. more business value).

Currently most MyAccounts focus on supporting self-service tasks for customers. While self-service is important, the potential of MyAccounts goes well beyond that. MyAccounts are a first and necessary step towards offering a personalised customer experience. In other words: from MyAccounts to MyExperience!

Personalised experiences are very valuable for both organisations and their customers. However, personalisation is still very difficult. Obviously, there are technical problems and organisational challenges. But more importantly, it’s also not clear what these personalised experiences should look like. To find out, we conducted a global study to find the best practices in the MyAccounts.

This leaflet provides a management summary of the study. In addition, it gives recommendations on how to improve your MyAccount. The full report is available on request.

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