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Monster UserZoom Case Study

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Monster, a leading global online employment company, has asked UserZoom to perform a usability test on its new websites, which had been redesigned to offer new products and an improved functionality.

The challenge

The study mainly focused on the websites’ new interface, in order to:

  • investigate end user satisfaction
  • measure test participants’ success rate in completing common tasks, and identify usability issues
  • collect data on users’ preferences and pain points
  • compare results with previous studies and develop benchmarks.


Userzoom and UXalliance conducted a remote usability study involving a total of 1250 participants evenly distributed among UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Test subjects were asked to perform a set of tasks, answer some questions and complete a final questionnaire.

While participants were engaged in their tasks, researchers collected clickstream data to generate heat maps, which would provide additional information on user behavior.


Our study helped Monster build a better user experience and identify opportunities for improvement in the short term.

By comparing our results with other data (marketing studies, web analytics, heuristic reviews, lab studies) Monster was also able to help product, development and UX teams make informed decisions about further improvements.

Partners involved

  • Axance
  • Experience Lab
  • GFK SE
  • GFK User Centric
  • User Intelligence