Global expert review

Global expert review is a popular, resource-efficient method to resort to at any stage of product development. It is also a great complement to global usability testing.


UXalliance offers two main types of expert review services, both complying with our mandatory quality standards:

Heuristic Review

i.e. against current usability/accessibility standards

Cognitive review

i.e. the consultants walk through a series of typical tasks the product is intended for

Combined review

While heuristic review allows a comprehensive approach to usability inspection, cognitive review focuses on task completion. A combination of both methods is recommended for more effective and thorough evaluation results.

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How to start

For your convenience, our international UX expert review service is delivered through one single point of contact.

To access our service, contact the nearest UXa partner.

You will be led through the following steps:

Our UXa partner will recommend you the type of study which best suits your business needs.


Reviews will take place in selected countries, and experts will send their separate reports to be incorporated into one document.


You will get the final, complete report including advice on possible improvements to your product.

Case studies

Global expert review of EPGs

The UXalliance British partner Serco Experience Lab has carried out a Global Expert Review on the Electronic Program Guides (EPG) of a leading UK broadcaster.

The study evaluated 13 different EPGs accessible through various types of connection (satellite or cable TV, web, mobile phones).

The challenge

The main goals of the examination were to:

  • explore all the different design approaches available worldwide at the time
  • analyze and identify strong points and weaknesses of the EPGs
  • compare the EPGs’ performance with their competitors’
  • suggest potential improvements


Serco involved the UXalliance by asking 5 member companies from different countries to take part in the review. So, experts from the UK, Germany, France, the United States, and Japan were involved in the task and sent their reports.

Each examination covered different areas in evaluating the EPGs: from remote control design to clarity of the menu screens; from A-Z listings, to accessibility and integration with PVR function, if featured.

From the separate reviews by the UXa experts Serco produced a comprehensive report that weighed the product’s performance against the most successful contemporary design approaches and made suggestions for future improvements.


The report offered the client both a useful overview of the competitive landscape, and a detailed analysis of their products. With the help of our experts’ precious recommendations Serco’s client was able to develop a top quality product.

Partners involved

  • GFK SE
  • GFK User Centric
  • Axance
  • ExperienceLab
  • Mitsue Links Co., Ltd