Global best practices

UXalliance will gather information on your behalf and will send you a detailed report about selected examples of any product or service from any country you are interested in.


To better inspire and guide your business and design decisions, our global best practices report will include:

Examples of the best products and services

of your area of interest from different countries

Detailed and illustrated accounts of UX solutions

adopted in those products or services (including screen shots or photos, with comments)

How to start

To ask for a Global best practices report, tailored on your specific interests and needs, contact the nearest UXa partner.

You will be led through the following steps:

Our UXa partner will recommend you the most efficient study according to your business needs.


Experts from selected countries will gather and analyze best practices on local markets and will send their separate reports to be incorporated into one document.


You will get the final, complete report including advice on possible improvements to your product.

Case studies

UXa International eBanking Benchmark Study

The UXalliance has carried out a survey on the security and usability of bank sites accessible on the Web or on mobile devices.

The challenge

The survey focused on the login and landing pages, and its main purposes were to:

  • explore the global scenario as regards security and usability issues
  • identify the most successful practices around the world
  • indicate the banks that adopted those best practices


UXalliance members from 18 countries took part in the project analyzing 38 banking sites. The study followed 3 steps:

  • First of all, the experts identified the areas of their research (authentication process, both on the Web and on mobile; secure landing page, both on the Web and on mobile).
  • Then they collectively analyzed the criteria, or else the key factors that affect customers’ satisfaction with online banking sites.
  • Finally, they evaluated all the banking sites according to these criteria.


The experts produced a joint report which included:

  • general information about global trends in secure banking environment
  • an extensive analysis of the different secure landing pages and customers authentication measures adopted by individual banking institutions
  • detailed recommendations on best practices and institutions to take inspiration from

Partners involved

  • 18 UXalliance partners