Our services

We offer four types of global services:

Global user testing

Participants are observed while performing tasks with your product or service, with the aim of detecting what parts need refining. Tests may be delivered in several countries to be representative of a global audience.

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Global expert review

User Experience experts from different countries review your products or services, based on their extensive experience. This review can be a good alternative or complement to global user testing.

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Global best practices

Thanks to our global network, we can collect best practices from companies all around the world.  Examining products and services from competitors can yield valuable insights to enhance your competitiveness.

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Global test support

If your company employs user researchers, and you want to conduct the global research yourself, our partners will provide local support for lab facilities, moderation, recruitment and simultaneous translation.

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Why work with us


26 partners with 500+ professionals


30 languages supported, 50 countries tested


as testified by The Handbook of Global Research


20.000+ test participants in numerous projects